Artist Statement

"Your Turn" Oil on Canvas 36 x 44

"Your Turn" Oil on Canvas 36 x 44

In my realist paintings, I capture the individuality of ordinary objects by representing them in larger-than-life-size scale. I think of these paintings as character studies or portraits whether they are inanimate objects or actual people. Working at a larger scale allows me to depict the details that individualize the subject so that they become individuals with personal attributes, interesting in their own uniqueness. As sitters posing for the pictures they complement each other in their differences, relating to one another as distinct individuals.

In my harvest series, I’ve used a white linen background to exaggerate cast shadows and reflected color. I’ve placed each object carefully, as if posing sitters, which heighten the atmosphere and drama in the compositions.

I’ve simplified the settings and diffused the lighting to create a sense of luminous calm and serenity.  As I paint, I focus on distinctive elements like the textures of the organic forms, the flesh of fruit, the subtleness of hair and skin or the reflectivity of glass, using traditional oil media to produce smooth, blended, seemingly effortless surfaces. The play of color, light and shape synthesize into an image more real than reality in its observed detail. These individualized forms allow me, and my audience, to see objects and people with new eyes.


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